How to Stretch a Gold Ring

Give a tight gold band the perfect fit.

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Although an experienced member of the glam squad can fudge the fit on most clothing or accessories, some items just can't be forced. Shoes, bras, and belts are items that need to be sized properly to be worn. A too-tight gold ring, too, can't just be crammed on your finger. Unlike shoes and bras, however, you can change the size of a ring instead of getting a replacement. Elongate the range of your jewelry options, and give your undersized gold rings a little stretch.


Find a mandrel that's made for jewelry making. You may get one that has the ring sizes printed right on it, but it's not absolutely necessary.


Slide the ring onto the mandrel until it won't slide anymore. If your mandrel has printed sizes, you'll be able to see what size your ring is.


Turn any decorative parts of the ring you don't want to deform away from you. You should try to avoid stretching rings that have stone settings, but if you must, make sure that you keep the setting as far away from you as possible.


Firmly tap the ring against the mandrel with a wooden mallet, but do not hit any decorative details. Keep tapping the ring until it slides farther down the mandrel.


Test the ring fit. Still too small? Repeat the steps until your ring is the right size.

Things You'll Need


1.Gold ring

3.Wooden mallet

2.Ring mandrel


Tips & Tricks


The best rings for this technique are plain gold bands. Very detailed items may need to be re-sized by a professional jeweler.

Metal can only stretch so much until it becomes too fragile for wear. Do not use this technique on rings that need to go up more than one size, or that already have a thin band.


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