How to Stretch Fabric Shoes

Use a simple trick if the perfect pair of shoes is a little too small.

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Few things ruin an outfit like limping around because your shoes are too tight. If you couldn't resist the latest shoe sale and bought a pair that's a little too small, don't torture yourself by wearing tight shoes. All fabric shoes will stretch eventually, but you can stretch yours overnight using a well-known principle. Use expanding water to stretch your fabric shoes -- without ever getting them wet.


Fill two zip-top bags half full of water. Zip the tops closed completely with very little air inside. Dry the outside of the bags with paper towels to remove any stray moisture that may have dropped on the surface.


Push the zip-top bags into the toes of the too-tight shoes. If the shoes have an open toe, pull the bag through the toe opening and allow it to hang off the edge slightly. If the shoes have a closed toe, push the bag as far into the toe space as possible.


Stand the shoes upright in the freezer. Allow them to freeze for 24 hours. Water expands when it turns into ice, so the bags will expand all around while inside the shoes, stretching the fabric.


Remove the shoes from the freezer and take out the bags. Try on the shoes. If they fit, continue to wear them. If the shoes are still a little too tight, repeat the process with more water.

Things You'll Need


1.Zip-top bags

2.Paper towels


Tips & Tricks


This process will stretch shoes from a half to one full size.


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