How to Strengthen & Thicken Hair

Penelope Cruz is a Hollywood starlet known for her thick, voluminous mane.

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To most girls, their hair is one of their most important -- and permanent -- accessories. Whether your hair is short or long, or somewhere in between, there are ways you can strengthen and thicken it. This not only makes you feel more gorgeous and glam now, but also helps prevent hair loss in the future. Totally worth it, right?


Switch to a hair-thickening shampoo and conditioner, which can help give your limp hair the big boost it needs. These strengthen the hair shaft and promote growth with continued use, so toss those old bottles in the trash and make these part of your daily routine instead.


Go to the salon for a trim, or whip out a pair of scissors and do it yourself if you're a hair-skilled girlie, at least once every six to eight weeks. Keeping up with regular hair trims means your hair stays healthier, promoting growth and vitality as a result. Otherwise over time you end up with dry, damaged hair and split ends.


Prevent your hair from damage caused by heat styling tools. Only use heat styling tools on your hair once a week at the most, to prevent breakage and thinning of your pretty tresses and when you do use them, apply a thermal heat protectant to your hair first.


Eat a healthy diet. Your diet plays a major role in the condition of your hair and if you're not eating right, you're going to end up with flat, limp, lifeless locks. To strengthen and thicken your hair, make sure you are getting enough protein and vitamins in your diet and in particular, that means eating foods, which are rich in protein and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K.


Start up with a relaxation exercise to minimize stress. There are a million different reasons why stress is bad for you, and this is one. When you're stressed out -- boyfriend getting on your nerves or a big homework assignment due soon -- it really takes its toll on your hair. Staying organized and taking part in relaxing activities such as yoga or medication can really help.

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Hair extensions offer a quick and easy way to add thickness and volume to your hair. There are clip-in extensions, or you can opt for the permanent hair extensions that are bonded onto the roots of your natural hair. For the latter, it's typically best to go to a salon and have them professionally done.


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