How to Strengthen Nails After Removing Acrylic Nails

Your natural nails are just as sexy as acrylic ones, when they get a little TLC.

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A full set of acrylics may give you the hottest hands in the office, but they're actually making your natural nails super unattractive. Acrylics are jam-packed with harmful chemicals that strip oil and moisture from your natural nails, leaving them cracked, dry and brittle. Don't panic when you pull off those fake claws. Give your nails some extra love and attention and they'll be even sexier than your falsies.


Wear a pair of rubber gloves while cleaning or washing dishes. Water and chemicals are extremely drying and will pull moisture from already fragile nails. Gloves also prevent that oh-so-unattractive prune-skin look.


Scrub your nails with a fingernail brush each time you shower. Pulling off acrylic nails often leaves tiny cracks in the nail that are susceptible to bacteria infestation, and scrubbing both the tops and undersides of nails reduces the likelihood of bacterial infections.


Trim your nails once per week, and file your nails gently if any uneven edges appear. Long nails may be all the rage, but they also are more susceptible to breaking than short nails. Clip your nails immediately after a bath or shower, when they're the softest, to prevent unwanted cracking.


Slather your nails and cuticles with hand cream to restore nutrients and moisture. Coat your hands in a thin layer of cream, rubbing it into cuticle and skin on the sides of the nails. Apply the lotion two or three times each day for best results.


Paint your nails with nontoxic strengthening polish. Strengthening treatments protect the nail, encouraging stronger, healthier nail growth. Reapply once per week, or when chips or flaking occurs.

Things You'll Need


1.Thick rubber gloves

3.Nail clippers

5.Hand cream

2.Fingernail brush

4.Nail file

6.Nontoxic strengthening polish


Tips & Tricks


If you must use polish remover, make it non-acetone and limit use to once each week to prevent excess drying.

Never bite your nails. Not only is it gross and unattractive, but biting can actually lead to increased cracks and breakage.


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