How to Do a Straw Set in Natural Black Hair

For healthy, coiled locks, you can't beat a straw set.

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Frugal sisters who want to create curly tendrils in their own natural black hair can rely on the little plastic drinking straw to make a big difference in their looks. Straw sets are an economical and effective way to rock a tightly coiled look without harsh chemicals or relaxers. Less breakage means more hair on your head, while styling at home means more money in your wallet.


Wash and condition your hair with products formulated for your hair type. Towel dry your hair, but don't rub it harshly. Just gently give your locks a good squeeze so they're not sopping wet. Apply a dollop of shea butter or other deep conditioning treatment to your palms, then rub them together to spread the product evenly. Apply to your hair, spreading it through from roots to ends.


Cut your straws to the desired length. For shorter hair, cut your straws in half. If your hair is long, don't bother cutting them at all.


Section off a small section of hair. Since the straws are so small in circumference, your sections should be small --- no wider than half an inch. Your curls will be tight and springy. If you slice off a larger section, your curls will be looser.


Start the wrap by winding the hair around the straw. Once it's grabbed onto the straw and curled around a few times, take the two ends of the straw and roll it between your fingers until the hair is wound around down to the scalp. Insert a bobby pin into the hole of the straw at the scalp to secure the straw.


Slice off another small section of hair and repeat the process, continuing around your head until all the areas you want to coil are wound up in the straw "rollers."


Sit under a dryer until your straw set is dry, or allow it to air-dry naturally.


Remove the bobby pin and pull the straw straight down to release the curl from the straw. Do this with all the straws. Separate your strands into smaller sections for a fuller look, or leave your springy coils as they are for a tightly coiled 'do. Add a dab of coconut oil to your hair as you twist it around your finger for a healthy bit of sheen.


Sleep in a satin bonnet or scarf to keep the coils from fuzzing up.

Things You'll Need



3.Shea butter or deep conditioning oil

5.Box of plastic straws


9.Satin bonnet or scarf



6.Bobby pins

8.Coconut oil


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