The Best Straightening Products for Biracial Hair

Actress Thandie Newton is familiar with the trials and tribulations of straightening biracial hair.

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It's important to take your hair type into consideration when you're trying to straighten it. The products you're using make a big difference when it comes to the finished result. With the wrong products, your lovely locks are likely to turn out dull, dry and frizzy. If you have mixed or biracial hair, it can be especially tough because you've got more than one texture going on in your tresses. Have no fear: you can still have the straight hair you're after, if you go about it the right way.

Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner you use are the starter products to any style, so if you're using the wrong ones, you're essentially doing yourself in before you've even begun. For your biracial hair, it's important to use a light, gentle shampoo and focus the product around the roots of your hair. As for your conditioner, opt for an intensive version. Always condition after shampooing, but only use the product at the very ends. Keeping your hair hydrated helps smooth it and prevent frizz, making it easier to straighten.

Smoothing Balm

A little bit of smoothing balm goes a long way for straightening biracial hair. This product is applied to your hair while it's still damp, before any blow-drying or straightening action. It helps smooth the hair cuticle so that your hair can straighten, instead of turning into a half-straight, half-"poufified" mess. Remember, a little bit really does go a long way, and overdoing it with this stuff does you more harm than good, leaving you with greasy, limp locks.

Heat Protectant

No matter what your hair type, you should use some sort of a heat protectant product before going near any heat styling tools. With your biracial hair, this is even more important, because it's thinner and thus more prone to damage and breakage than African-American hair. Apply the heat protectant liberally from root to tip, combing it through afterward to evenly distribute the product.

Silicone-Based Serum

The trick is to find a silicone-based serum rather than a water-based version. When you're trying to avoid frizz and puffiness, water is the element you want to stay away from. A silicone-based serum creates a light hold over your hair, helping protect it from heat and humidity and making your straight style last longer. Only use a tiny dab of the stuff, blending it up between your palms for a couple of minutes before smoothing it over your strands.

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