How to Straighten Textured Hair

Straighten textured hair to achieve a smooth, silky style like Kim Kardashian's at An Evening of Southern Style.

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Textured hair, in the professional world of hairstyling, covers a variety of hair types. Textured hair with a wave or curl to it, whether natural or processed, is one of the hottest looks right now, gracing the catwalks for world-famous designers like Calvin Klein and Vera Wang. Guido Paulo, Redken Creative Consultant for Klein's spring/summer 2011 show, stated that "Textured, matte hair looks really modern and sexy right now." However, for those times when you do want your hair stick straight, you need to use the proper hairstyling products and techniques to ensure you do your do just right.


Wash and condition hair as normal. The last thing you want is an oily, greasy look, so you want to start with a clean, fresh head of hair.


Apply a smoothing cream to your hair while it's still damp and blow dry using a round brush. Roll the brush on the underside of the hair, moving in 2-inch sections at a time, focusing the heat from the dryer in a downward motion. Always positioning the air down and not up keeps the hair cuticles smooth, thereby reducing frizz and flyaways.


Section your hair once it is completely dry, by running your fingers across the back of your head, about at bottom ear level, and clipping the top section of hair up out of the way.


Heat your hair straightener and clamp the paddles around the top of a 1-inch section of hair. Slowly, move the straightener down this section of hair, in a slightly outward motion. For thicker or curlier hair, you may need to move even more slowly or repeat over sections of hair a few times to achieve a smooth, straight style. Repeat this around the rest of your head until you have straightened all your hair.


Apply a small amount of shine spray to your straightened hair and rub your hands over the top of your hair to blend it in. Shine spray helps to polish the look, leaving your hair with a healthy looking sheen. This can also help protect from the elements to prevent frizz caused by moisture, which is nice if you are one of those women who spend hours perfecting their hair only to walk outside and turn into an electrified llama if there's a drop of rain.

Things You'll Need


1.Smoothing cream

3.Round brush

5.Hair straightener

2.Blow dryer

4.Hair clip

6.Shine spray


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