How to Straighten Hair With Gel

Get beautifully straight hair with a hair gel mixture.

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When you think of hair gel, touchably soft hair isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Ladies, get those "Something About Mary" images out of your head and enjoy the hair gel revolution without stiffness, crunchiness or flaking. Major advances have been made with hair gel so that it conditions instead of dehydrates. Even if you can't afford fancy hair gels, you can mix up a batch of your own conditioning gel to get super straight, smooth hair with a glossy finish.


Towel-dry your hair after showering, but don't go too nuts. Just get rid of the excess drips by blotting the towel on your head instead of rubbing.


Mix together a large dollop of a hair gel with dime-sized amounts of styling cream and shine serum. The gel will not only hold your style all day, but also repel moisture. The styling cream will soften the finish of the gel, keeping your hair soft. The serum will give your hair a glossy shine after drying.


Rub the mixture in your hands and rake your fingers through your hair, starting from the back. Make sure to evenly coat all of your hair.


Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product and get rid of any tangles.


Blow-dry your hair on the "Hot" setting while pulling the strands out with a large paddle brush. It's easiest if you have a flat nozzle that you can attach to the nose of the hairdryer, since this will concentrate the air where you want it. Dry your entire head using the brush, then enjoy sleek, sexy hair that lasts all day long.

Things You'll Need



3.Styling cream

5.Wide-tooth comb

7.Large paddle brush

2.Hair gel

4.Shine serum



Tips & Tricks


Some gels are actually made for longer hair. These are called conditioning gels, and leave hair soft and firm instead of crispy.

For super-straight tresses, run a ceramic straightening iron through one-inch sections of hair.


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