How to Straighten a Curly Perm

Straightening a curly perm takes some effort and time.

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There are times when getting a perm can seem like a great idea for a gal with straight hair. After all, how else can you change from straight and sleek hair to bouncy and curly in just a couple of hours? Like everything else in life, however, sometimes things just don't turn out the way you planned and all of a sudden, there you are with a head of frizzy hair and a bunch of regret. While there is no way to completely straighten hair that has been permed -- except to wait for your natural hair to grow back -- there are ways to help relax the perm and make your hair less curly.


Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Do this as soon as possible after the perm, because the chemicals are still working during the first 36 hours after the perming process is completed. Rinse your hair with very warm to hot water to open the cuticle, then shampoo and rinse again.


Apply a deep-conditioning treatment to your hair and work it in thoroughly. Cover your hair with a warm towel and leave the conditioner in your hair for an hour or more. The conditioner will help the curls relax. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and apply a regular conditioner. Rinse and blow dry your hair. The more you repeat the deep-conditioning treatment, the more relaxed your curls will get.


If the conditioning treatments aren't doing the trick, use styling tools such as a flat iron and hair dryer to smooth and straighten your hair after washing.


If all of that washing, conditioning and flat-iron straightening isn't making that regret go away, head to the salon. Speak with a stylist about chemical relaxers if your efforts at home have not worked as well as hoped. Chemical straighteners can help relax and straighten the hair, but take note - this treatment is harsh and can damage your hair even more.

Things You'll Need


1.Clarifying shampoo

3.Deep conditioner

5.Flat iron

7.Chemical straightener

2.Hot water


6.Hair dryer


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