How Do I Store a Mink Fur Coat?

Mink may be stylish, but it does take a little extra lovin'.

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If your dreams revolve around lounging around your mansion, covered in diamonds and drinking Perrier-Jouet, you'd better pick up a mink coat to round out your haute couture lifestyle. Mink has long had a reputation as one of the most luxurious and fashionable furs; it is also extremely delicate and requires careful care to stay plush and plump. Proper storage is necessary to keep your mink coat looking fierce and fabulous.


Hang your mink coat in a cool, dry closet away from your other clothes. Mink needs room to breathe, and jamming it in between piles of clothes will smash delicate fur. Open the doors and air out the closet at least once a day to give your coat some fresh air.


Keep your mink in the dark. The delicate fur is highly susceptible to light damage, and even overexposure to light bulbs causes the fur to oxidize and fade. Unscrew the light bulb, or replace it with a soft white, low-wattage bulb to reduce fading.


Slip a fabric clothes bag over your furry coat to protect it during transport. Use only 100-percent breathable fabric, as plastic suffocates the leather and leads to ugly cracking and shedding fur. Make sure the bag is long enough to cover the coat from the shoulders to the bottom hem for complete protection.


Set your mink coat up on a date with a professional furrier once a year for deep cleaning. Even if it doesn't look dirty, soft mink fur traps nasty dust and grime that will permanently damage the fur. Ask the furrier to give the coat a once-over for rips and tears, and splurge on glazing to keep the fur soft and lustrous.


Book your mink coat on an extended vacation in a mink vault during warm summer months. Heat and humidity are deadly to delicate fur, and keeping the coat at home in the peak of the season is a disaster waiting to happen. The fur specialists at the vault will insure and protect your coat to keep it soft, plush and runway-ready.

Things You'll Need


1.Wide wooden hangars

2.Fabric clothes bag


Tips & Tricks


Hang your coat on wide wooden hangars. If you don't have any, ask your furrier for a couple on your next visit.

Keep perfume to a minimum while wrapped in mink. The soft hairs collect smells and you may end up smelling like skunky old perfume.

Never wash your mink fur coat at home. Water will seep into the leather and leave your coat mottled and balding.


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