How to Stop Static Cling With Hairspray

Grab a can of hairspray to scare away static cling.

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A popular static cling eliminating spray that you can find in stores uses alcohol and water to banish pesky static problems. Hairspray contains the same two ingredients, so it works just as well as the specialized product for the purpose. With a few spritzes of any type of hairspray you've got in your beauty stash, you can get rid of your static cling woes and move on to more important things.


Spray some hairspray onto your hands and rub it onto your skin before putting on static-prone clothing. Wash your hands afterward to get rid of the stickiness.


Expose the underside of your skirt, or other piece of clingy clothing, and spritz it with hairspray to stop the cling.


Stash a purse-sized bottle of hairspray in your bag for static issues that crop up again.

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Spray your hairbrush bristles with hairspray and run the bristles over static-filled hair to calm it.

If you're worried about your clothes staining from the hairspray, rub the spray into your skin and let it dry.


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