How to Stop Sponge Rollers From Leaving Dents in the Hair

Give sponge rollers another try with a dent-free technique.

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Those stylin’ pink sponge rollers -- almost everyone has a few of these babies rolling around in a bathroom drawer. Sponge rollers may not be elegant, but they're inexpensive and they make curls that last and last. Using these rollers does have a price, though: They leave dents in your hair. Get a little creative with your sponge rollers and produce dent-free body.


Open each sponge roller -- you’ll find a hinge in the middle, the sponge roller on one side and the clip on the other side that fits over the roller. It’s the clip that creates the dents, so they’ve got to go. Give each roller a sharp twist at the hinge to remove the clip part. Toss the clips and get ready to use the sponge rollers.


Work a little styling cream through your damp hair to give it the texture necessary for pretty curls.


Comb your hair to remove every tangle.


Separate a 1-inch section of hair with the rattail comb and comb it smooth. Place the sponge roller at the ends of the hair section and start rolling the hair tightly around the roller until the roller sits snugly against your scalp.


Squeeze the alligator clip to open it and slide it onto the roller to hold it tight. The best place to position the clip is just under the point where your hair leaves the scalp and rolls onto the roller.


Keep going just like this to set your entire head.


Leave the rollers in your hair until it dries completely.


Take out each alligator clip and unroll each curl. If you did it right, you shouldn’t see a single dent.

Things You'll Need


1.Styling cream

3.Alligator clips

2.Rattail comb


Tips & Tricks


Try holding the sponge rollers in place with jaw clips, too.


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