How to Stop a Smell in Sandals

Adorable sandals, like the pair Carey Mulligan has on, deserve to stay odor-free.

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No matter how cute your sandals are, you can't rock them confidently if they've got a funky smell to them. If you wear your sandals without socks, your kicks almost certainly have an unpleasant aroma, as your foot sweat creates foul-smelling bacteria in the shoe. Without the sock there to absorb the sweat, it has no choice but to taint your adorable shoe. It would be a complete shame to toss those cute kicks out just because they smell terrible, so why not try preventing the funk, instead?


Sprinkle absorbent powder inside the shoe or on your feet before you slip your piggies in. The powder helps to absorb the sweat, thereby preventing the funky odor from developing in your sandal. You may have to reapply the powder a few times throughout the day, depending on how much sweat your piggies put out.


Give your shoes a break by not wearing them for more than one day in a row. Allowing your sandals to air out and breathe in between wearings helps alleviate the funky foot odor they may be secretly developing. If your sandals have insoles, take them out after you wear them so they can air out.


Wipe the bottoms of your feet with scented, absorbent facial cloths a few times a day. The cloths help to put the stomp down on odor-causing sweat and can keep it from stinking up your shoes. The fragrance also helps give any odor the boot.

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2.Absorbent facial cloths


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If you think your piggies sweat too much throughout the day, swipe the bottoms of your feet with antiperspirant at night. Your skin best absorbs the ingredients at night, which will help to combat the funk the next day.


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