How to Stop Shoes From Squeaking When Walking

Stop tennis shoes from squeaking with baby powder.

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You like to make an entrance, but not with screeching banshees strapped to your feet. Squeaky shoes, whether tennies or your new high heel numbers, may turn heads, but not in a good way. Moisture and rubber soles don't mix well and produce what sounds like the mating call of a bullfrog. Tame those jungle sounds with your own arsenal of noise-busting methods.


Dry wet shoes with a paper towel or cloth. Wipe the shoes inside and out, cramming the drying tool between ridges on the bottom of tennis shoe soles. Place the shoes outside in direct sun to dry completely.


Remove the inner sole from shoes. Sprinkle 1 tbsp. of baby powder into each shoe. Rub the powder into the shoe and replace the sole when finished. For shoes without a removable inner sole, sprinkle baby powder on your hands and rub over the shoe interior.


Caress your new designer heels by squishing and stretching them. Loosening a pair of tight leather shoes may reduce squeak-age. Knead the shoes like a loaf of dough.


Place 1 tsp. saddle soap onto a cloth. Rub the soap onto the tongue of your tennies or leather shoes. A dry shoe tongue can release a round of screeching as it rubs against your shoe. The saddle soap lubes up the tongue for a much quieter entrance.


Check heels and soles for looseness. A loose heel or sole may erupt in noisy chatter as you walk. Silence the shoes by applying super glue to the sole or heel and holding it tightly for 30 seconds to bond. Avoid wearing the shoes for 24 hours.

Things You'll Need


1.Paper towels or cloth

3.Saddle soap

2.Baby powder

4.Super glue


Tips & Tricks


Take the shoes to a repair shop if you cannot banish the squeak on your own. A shoe repairman may have his own tricks at removing high pitched screams from your kickers.


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