How to Stop Your Scalp From Peeling

Too much sun can burn your scalp.

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It's pretty easy to tell you've got a peeling scalp: your head itches, you notice flakes of skin or dandruff (eeew) on your shirt or in your hair, and you're kind of in pain. Not all peeling scalps occur from sunburn; you can also get them in the winter, which is kinda freaky. Sleuth out the reason for your itchy woe, then provide treatment to stop suffering. It takes a few days to reverse peeling, so be patient and nurture yourself, girl!


Figure out what's causing your scalp to peel. Chances are if you got a sunburn, you'll remember the occasion. If your scalp itches and you've got white dandruff flakes in your hair or on your clothes, your scalp is peeling or flaking cause it's dry. If the temperature's dropped quite a bit, weather could cause peeling.


Switch to a dandruff shampoo to eliminate dandruff over the course of a few weeks and have scalp relief. Other ways to kick white flakes and peeling scalp to the curb include using fewer styling products, shampooing your hair more frequently, especially if it's oily-prone, and using tea tree oil.


Try using a super-rich conditioner of giving yourself a hot oil treatment if you think your hair's winter stressed. If your face and other areas that tend to be oily feel dry and tight, there's a good chance the head trip's caused by chill and you need to bone up on moisture to soothe locks.


Go with hot oil to relieve sunburned scalp with a major moisture boost. Next time you hit the sun, wear a chic hat to avoid sunburned scalp, or use a hair care product that contains SPF protection, or cover your part with oil-free sunscreen.

Things You'll Need


1.Dandruff shampoo

3.Hot oil treatment

2.Rich conditioner


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