How to Stop Rubber Sole Shoes From Squeaking

Cheap craft and hygiene items may be all you need to keep your shoes from squeaking.

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Squeaks are fine for mice and the like, but they're downright annoying coming from your shoes. Sometimes squeaky shoes happen right out of the box, either because the shoes aren't broken in yet or because there's a manufacturing flaw. You can remedy these issues by wearing-in the shoe or getting a different pair. If your favorite pair of shoes is on the blink and announces your arrival everywhere you go all of a sudden, though, you might need to get creative to remove the squeak.


Rub down your shoes inside and out with a dry paper towel. Moisture sometimes makes shoes chirp, which can happen if you step in a spilled drink or puddle, or if your tootsies are prone to sweat a lot.


Wash down the sole of your shoe with a damp cloth. Sticky residue -- think that nasty gum you stepped in at the movie theater -- sometimes is a squeak culprit.


Treat your shoes like your babies -- a little baby powder, talcum powder, or even baking soda placed on the inside of the shoe under the inner lining keeps the insole from rubbing against the rubber of the shoe. The powder also is awesome at keeping your feet dry and odor free.


Put some saddle soap wherever there's a lot of friction within the shoe, such as where the tongue meets the sides of the shoe. This provides some lubrication, which keeps your shoes from talking up their usual storm. Conditioning oil and silicone sprays also work to restore moisture in leather shoes -- dryness can result in squeaks. In a pinch, the lip balm or hand lotion you keep in your purse may work, depending on what material makes up the shoe.


Check if the heel of the shoe is loose anywhere. Looseness equals friction, and friction equals squeaks. Fill the area that's loose with some super glue or rubber cement, press the heel to the shoe and let the shoe dry completely before you step out again.


Use some sandpaper to rough up the soles a little. This isn't the greatest option, but sometimes a super-smooth sole will squeak because the shoe slides and then finally finds a grip point. A little abrasion goes a long way, so check the shoes for squeaking as you go and only do as much work as you need.

Things You'll Need


1.Paper towels

3.Saddle soap

5.Super glue or rubber cement

2.Baby powder, talcum powder or baking soda

4.Conditioning oil



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