How to Stop Outbreaks of Spots on the Face

Improve frequent outbreaks of spots on your face through some basic changes.

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Few things can be as irritating as regular outbreaks of spots on your face, especially if the spots are red and irritated. There are many reasons why these spots may be occurring but there are also many ways to treat the problem and reduce or even resolve the problem. Treating spots that break out on your face will take some time and some basic tools from your local drug store or grocery store.


Clean your face twice a day with a mild cleanser. Avoid the temptation to use harsh cleansers, which may seem like they would do a better job of cleaning but will actually just irritate and inflame your skin. Look for cleaners that have labels with words such as "hypo-allergenic" or "sensitive skin."


Use cool or lukewarm water when rinsing or washing your skin, then just blot it dry. Hot water and rubbing skin with a towel can just make any spots more red and irritated.


Apply a gentle moisturizer to your skin. Avoid the temptation here to use a heavy cream or moisturizer, as this can not only clog pores and create more spots, but heavy chemicals can make the current spots worse. Again, finding labels that mention "hypo-allergenic" or "sensitive" can help ensure that the moisturizer is gentle for skin.


Find an acne treatment cream that uses salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and dab it on the spots twice a day. This is the topical equivalent of taking medicine, because it provides a direct dose of treatment to the spots.


Consider any changes to your routine or diet that might be causing the spots. If you recently changed your makeup, cleanser, lotion or even your laundry detergent, the spots may be an allergic reaction. Reduce or eliminate any new products that may be causing the problem and see if that stops the outbreaks.


Avoid harsh sunlight (always use sunscreen, including on your face), as well as very spicy food or too much alcohol. Any of these factors may aggravate skin conditions like rosacea or eczema, both of which are characterized by red spots of dry skin that reoccur on a regular basis. If the spots are itchy, red or irritated, spread a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream on the spots twice a day.

Things You'll Need


1.Mild cleanser


5.Hydrocortisone cream

2.Mild moisturizer

4.Acne spot treatment cream


Tips & Tricks


Avoid using exfoliating cleaners or harsh chemicals like alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) until you have gotten the outbreaks under control.

Contact your doctor if the spots are painful, swollen or very itchy, or if they get worse despite your efforts to improve the situation.


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