How to Stop Nike Shoes From Squeaking

Victoria Azarenka attends a Nike event sporting squeak free Nike shoes.

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Squeaky shoes are not only annoying, but they ruin your chances of making a graceful entrance into a room. Nike sneakers, especially the Retro 10 and 11 styles, often create loud, high-pitched squeaks when they step down on certain surfaces. Sometimes the sneakers are faulty and the squeaking cannot be resolved. If this seems to be the cause with your kicks, contact the manufacturer. Fortunately; however, many squeaky shoes can be encouraged to become silent with a simple technique.


Look inside your shoe. You should notice a piece of material that sits directly on the bottom of your sexy sneakers. This material is known as an insole.


Lift up the insole. Some shoes will release their insoles easily; whereas others present a bit of a challenge because they are glued in. Use some elbow grease and tug on those insoles to get them up if they are in fact adhered to the shoe.


Pour on some powder. Place baby powder directly on the bottom surface of the shoe. You can then lay the insole back on top of the powder. The powder should soften the surface of the shoe and absorb any moisture, which can cause the squeaks. If the sounds are still an issue, pour powder over the entire shoe, including the sole, tongue and laces. Often this will subdue the squeaks.

Things You'll Need


1.Baby powder


Tips & Tricks


Rub petroleum jelly over the entire surface of the shoe, if the sounds persist. Sometimes the shoes just need a bit of lubrication. You can also rub the tongue with saddle soap to mute the noise.

If your shoes still make noise after all of your attempts, contact Nike, as you may have purchased a defective shoe.


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