How to Stop Jewelry From Turning My Skin Green

Prevent that fabulous piece of jewelry from turning your skin green.

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Green skin usually doesn't favor most gals. The majority of lovely ladies would prefer to keep their skin the tone it typically is; however, this isn't always possible when they wear certain jewelry. Jewelry that has high amounts of copper will often react with the skin and leave the area in which it made contact with the color of Kermit the frog. Of course, the simple solution to keep your skin from turning green is to not wear the jewelry, but that would be too easy. A savvy girl like you with fabulous jewelry should not have to go without, so, simply alter the jewelry instead.


Keep your jewelry clean. Wiping those bad boys down each night will prevent oxidation, which is the culprit behind the green skin. When you take your jewelry off before you hit the sack, give it a quick rub down with a soft cloth. Doing so will remove the grimy oil and dirt that has accumulated throughout the day. The cleaner you keep your baubles, the less likely they are to leave a green-colored calling card.


Protect your skin with plating. Not all gold jewelry is simply made of gold; many are a combination of copper and gold. The higher the carat rating, the less copper is used. If your fabulous piece of gold jewelry is 10 or 14 karat, there's a considerable amount of copper inside that is causing the unattractive hue on your skin. Take the pretty piece to a jeweler and get a new layer of plating -- 18 karat or higher -- put on. This will not only prevent the jewelry from staining your skin, but will make it shinier, as well.


Skip the sweaty areas. Jewelry is more likely to cause an unattractive green reaction among your skin if it stays in an area that is wet or has a considerable amount of moisture. If your fingers are often sweaty, avoid wearing rings that contain high amounts of copper. Similarly, if you know you're hitting the gym and plan on sweating it out, take the jewelry off -- you'll still look beautiful.

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Chlorine can negatively affect the appearance of copper. Therefore, it's a good idea to take the baubles off when you go for a dip. Similarly, remove your bangin' pieces when cleaning your home, as many cleaners contain the chemical.


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