How to Stop Jeans From Rubbing Off

Wash jeans with vinegar before you wear them to prevent dye problems.

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New jeans are heaven, but blue hands are not. Sometimes, a good pair of jeans can go bad when the dye hasn't been properly set. Unset jeans have a nasty tendency to rub off and leave little dye stains wherever they touch, whether it's your hands, legs or furniture. This is not desirable, whether you have white couches or brown ones, so set the dye with a few household items.


Fill a bucket with a gallon of cold water.


Add 3 tbsp. salt, and mix, then add your trouble-making jeans.


Allow the jeans to sit for two hours in the salt bath.


Place jeans in washing machine, and set the cycle on cold. You want to solve the dye problem, not shrink them, so avoid hot water.


Add about 1/2 cup white vinegar to the last rinse cycle of the machine. No need for a measuring cup because a little more or less is fine.


Hang jeans to dry.

Things You'll Need



3.3 tablespoons salt

5.Washing machine

2.Cold water


6.White vinegar


Tips & Tricks


This should solve the problem, but test your jeans on your own hands and legs before you test it on your couch or with a light-colored top.


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