How to Stop Hair From Shedding for African-Americans

Wearing your hair loose is one way to prevent hair loss.

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If you're finding clumps of hair in your shower and your hairbrush, you'd better pay attention. On average, you should shed about 100 hairs per day. Any more and you may be on the way to the wig store to cover up your bald head. You may have to take a few drastic measures that you're not accustomed to, but in the end you can save your hair to style another day.


Undo the cornrows, braids and chignons you've been wearing and give your hair a break from tight hairstyles. You can develop a condition called traction alopecia if you continue wearing styles that tug and pull on your hair. If you catch it early enough, your lost hair has a good chance of growing back. If the damage is done, talk to your doctor about getting some vitamin supplements or topical hair regrowth medication.


Go natural and lay off the relaxers and perms. If your hair is shedding, there's a good chance it does not like the chemicals you've been using to straighten your hair. Definitely see your doctor if you notice balding at the crown. You'll need vitamins and maybe anti-inflammatory medication.


Brush or comb your hair no more than twice each day to reduce breakage that could cause the shedding. Especially if you've been treating your hair with color or permanent chemicals, it's more susceptible to breakage and shedding. Lay off the backcombing and styling irons, too. The less you touch your hair, the better.


Sometimes hair loss is genetic and there's no way you can change your routine to prevent it. Again, schedule a visit with your doctor if your efforts to prevent shedding aren't working. You might need hormone therapy or hair regrowth medication.

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Be aware that hair loss is a primary symptom of lupus, a serious autoimmune disorder that disproportionately affects African-Americans, according to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website. Ask your doctor for a blood test to check for lupus if your home remedies don't seem to stop the shedding or if you have other lupus symptoms such as memory problems or chronic fatigue.


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