How to Stop Hair Breakage From Bleaching

What to do when your bleached hair breaks up with you.

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Your friends may envy your white-blond locks, but too much bleaching may cause your hair to feel like straw. If you left the bleach on for a little too long--or you've subjected your hair to repeated bleaching sessions--your hair may begin to break off when you comb it or style it. Instead of suffering in a baseball cap until your hair grows out, take action and salvage your hair. Make breakage a thing of the past and get back to loving your strong, shiny hair.


Step away from the bleach. Although you may love your bleached hairstyle, each time you bleach your hair, you add more damage. Switch to a darker color; better yet, forgo the dye altogether to strengthen your locks.


If you can bear it, skip the shampoo twice per week. Chances are, if you're a regular bleacher, your hair is dry. Shampooing will dry your hair out, which will make it break more easily.


Treat your tresses to a moisturizing treatment to prevent your precious locks from breaking. Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once per week that is formulated especially for dry, color-treated hair, recommends the Hair Boutique Website.


Keep your hands off the comb when your hair is wet. When your hair is wet, it's at its weakest. Waiting until your hair is completely dry before brushing it will help salvage your hair and keep more strands from breaking.


Put a ban on your styling tools, such as straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons. Although those super-cute curls may look hot, they're adding more damage to your hair and putting your strands at risk for more breakage.

Things You'll Need


1.Deep conditioning treatment


Tips & Tricks


Dye your roots with semi-permanent hair color to mask them while your bleached hairstyle grows out. Semi-permanent hair color is not as damaging as bleach, because it coats the hair and eventually fades away.

Talk to your doctor if your hair damage might be due to an illness.


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