How to Stop Fur Coat Shedding

A well-cared for fur will last decades without shedding.

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Who knew Grandma's rabbit and fox furs would be so retro-chic? If you've inherited old pelts or put down for some new ones, proper care and storage combined with conscious wearing can keep your fur intact for decades. Fur sheds through friction and dryness, much like your own hair, and a patchy fur can tank a girl's image in a second. If you treat those babies right, they'll keep you warm and styling through winter snowstorms.


Hang your fur coat on a quality clothes hanger (never wire). Give it plenty of room in the closet, so no other coats rub up against it and compress or aggravate the fur.


Prevent your fur from drying out -- a cause of shedding -- from improper storage. Don't store fur in cedar closets and never put it in a plastic bag or garment bag. That pelt needs to breathe to stay moist.


Be conscious of how you move in the fur, since anything that compresses the pelt will cause shedding over time. Don't sit on the coat when you're in the car (take it off or hike it up). Likewise, carrying your purse with the coat can give you shoulder grooves. Stick with your clutch or carry your purse in your hand.


Take fur coats to a professional furrier for summertime storage. That heat and humidity that zap your strength can do a major dehydrate on the fur coat, which means hello shedding!


If fur gets wet in rain or snow, dry it properly to avoid overheating the pelt. Hang the coat over a chair in a temperate room and let it dry slowly. Don't use your hair dryer or toss it over a radiator, or you'll dry it out. Dry fur = bad = shedding.


Keep chemicals and oils away from that coat. Some of these -- like cleaning chemicals and mothballs -- are common sense, while others -- think hairspray or perfume -- may be part of your beauty routine. Always think twice before you spray around fur. Do your hair, then wait half an hour for all fumes to evaporate before you put on the fur.


Have the fur cleaned and conditioned by your furrier on a yearly basis. Do not drop that baby at the dry cleaner, only let professional fur cleaners and furriers handle it.

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