How to Stop Your Feet From Sliding in Heels

Sick of your slipping shoes? Bring home heels that fit you best.

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Fashionable high heels are staple wardrobe items, but even if you're the most stylish shoe lover, you may find yourself avoiding your favorite heels if your feet slide around inside them. These lovely little accessories may not fit you as well as you'd hoped in the store. Don't fret over fit problems, however. Any stylista can learn how to find the best heels for her feet and fix the fit on the high heels she already has.


Wear a shoe that fits your feet well, rather than fitting well enough. A shoe that is too wide for your foot will cause your foot to slide forward, putting pressure on your toes. Look for heels that are more narrow than average if you have this problem often.


Wear a shoe with the proper arch or instep shape for your foot. You can have high, low or average arches. In any shoe, your heel and instep should rest fully on the sole. Ask the sales clerk at your favorite shoe store to recommend shoes for your arch type.


Add heel grip inserts to the back of your soles. These inserts are slightly tacky and serve to cushion the heel as well as keep it from sliding around or out of the shoe.


Add ball of foot cushions to the front of your soles. In addition to keeping your feet from sliding forward, these inserts also provide cushioning and shock absorption.


Add non-slip insoles or arch supports to your shoes. This will work only with closed-toe heels that provide some coverage for the insole, but may increase your comfort as well as prevent sliding.

Things You'll Need


1.Heel grip inserts

3.Insole inserts

2.Ball of foot cushions

4.Arch support inserts


Tips & Tricks


Certain shoe brands may typically suit higher or lower arches. Nina shoes, for instance, often cater to low-arched feet, while Nine West shoes usually better fit high arches.

Don't give up on inserts just because they show over the edges of your shoes. You can trim most inserts to fit your shoe shape.

Ill-fitting shoes can cause foot, knee and back problems.


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