How to Stop Bikini Panties From Rolling Down

Check the fit so you don't get caught with your pant(ie)s down.

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There's nothing like sexy, colorful, silky bikini panties to make a girl feel hot. Your walk becomes a strut and you toss your hair back, knowing you look fine. But it kind of puts a damper on the "fierce" when you have to find a doorway to duck into so you can stick your hands down your pants to pull your underwear back up. Rolling-down bikinis are most decidedly not sexy.


Buy underwear that fits. This seems like a basic instruction, yet some women don't seem to have learned it. The main reason underwear rolls down is because it is too tight. Don't go too far in the other direction, though -- too-big panties can fall down. While not the same as rolling down, the result is the same.


Wear snug pants. Pants that fit close around the hips can help hold up your bikini panties, even if they want to roll down. If you're determined to wear loose, flowy slacks or a skirt, wear pantyhose or tights underneath to keep your drawers in place.


Try fashion tape. A lot of people outside the modeling business and Hollywood had never heard of fashion tape before "that dress" that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys. But once you know about it, why not use it? Stick a little on the inside hips of your panties to give them a little more incentive to stay up.


If all else fails, consider that you might have a body shape that isn't conducive to bikini panties. The curve of your stomach or the jut of your hip makes your underwear want to run away. Try hip-huggers, hi-cuts, boy legs or any number of other options. You don't have to resort to granny panties.

Things You'll Need


1.Fashion tape (optional)


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