The Best Stay-on Eyebrow Makeup

Beautiful brows can make a glamorous statement.

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Who knew that eyebrows could hold such importance when it comes to your beautiful face? If you're lacking in the brow department, don't get too worried. There are many ways for you to fill in those babies. Most products, if used correctly, will stay on as long as you need. Follow some tricks and tips and you'll be on your way to glamorous-looking brows.

Importance of Brows

As mini-divas growing up, whether it was in the '80s with Madonna rocking full brows or in the early '90s as the pencil-thin look started making a return, eyebrows have always had a prominent role in beauty. If your eyebrows aren't shaped to compliment your face, it can throw off your entire look. Makeup by Heather A artist Heather Adessa says that a face that is fully made up looks drastically different once the eyebrows are penciled or filled in.

Pencil vs. Powder

With so many types of eyebrow fillers to choose from, it's no wonder that women get it wrong sometimes. Adessa prefers eyebrow pencils over eyebrow powders because she feels they last longer. She says this is so because the pencils go onto the skin and are a thicker texture. The powder also adheres to the skin, but mainly to the eyebrow hairs you already have.

Eyebrow Wax Pencil

If eyebrow pencils and powders don't float your boat, don't give up just yet. Eyebrow wax pencils can help make your brows look more prominent. Adessa says that using the wax pencil, then applying the powder on top of that will increase the amount of time the product will stay on your brows. Sure, you may have to buy two products, but that little trick can possibly make your makeup last twice as long.

Choosing a Color

When it comes to filling in your brows, getting the color right is absolutely crucial. Adessa says that it doesn't really matter what brand you go with because brow fillers are pretty much all the same. She does say, however, that you should always try the product before purchasing it. Adessa says that if you're making the purchase from a department store, use a tester and make sure the color matches your brows. If you're at a drugstore, most allow you to return the product with a receipt, even if it has been opened.

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