How to Get Static Out of a Hairbrush

Static can make your 'do a clingy don't.

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Static electricity in your hairbrush can make a bad hair day a total nightmare. Hair cracks, pops, floats away and has a mind of its own -- just what you need when you're headed out the door trying to look cute. Static electricity is nothing more than a buildup of electrical charges, but it does seems to love your 'do. Conditioning your mane can help, but your hairbrush may need some attention, too.


Spray hairspray on your hairbrush before you use it. You don't have to get it soaking wet; just mist it enough to coat the bristles.


Wipe your brush down with a fabric softener sheet. Just as it removes static cling from your clothes, it can help reduce static from your hairbrush.


Purchase an anti-static spray such as that used on computer equipment or for household use. Spray it on the hairbrush.


Spritz your hairbrush with water. Lightly mist and then use the brush on your hair.

Things You'll Need



3.Water spray bottle

2.Fabric softener sheet

4.Anti-static spray


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