How to Get Static Out of a Hair Brush

Cut static by getting it out of your hairbrush.

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Brushing your hair shouldn't end up with it coming alive and standing straight on end. If your hair is full of static, especially after you brush it, your hairbrush may be making it worse. Tame your tresses and get rid of static by neutralizing it where it begins -- your brush. Get static out of a hairbrush and smooth your mane stylishly.


Use a hairbrush that promises "anti-static" brushing, to cut down on static problems. A hairbrush with natural bristles -- like boar bristles -- may help stop static.


Spritz the brush bristles lightly with styling spray. Products that contain silicone can stop the electrical charge that causes static.


Glide the hairbrush through your hair. You should notice the static has been reduced or eliminated. If you still have a bit of static going on between your hairbrush and your hair, give your hair a few sprays with the styling spray to cut the static even more.

Things You'll Need


1.Brush with natural bristles

2.Silicone-base styling spray


Tips & Tricks


Try using other styling products that contain silicone for even better static control. Conditioners and hair sprays that contain silicone can coat your hair strands well.


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