The Best Stain Proofing Spray for Canvas Shoes

A stain-proofing spray helps prevent discoloration from dirt and grime.

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You found the perfect pair of canvas shoes. They're cute and are comfortable. The only problem is that they're white. You might as well paint a target on them because they're going to get ruined. It's going to rain when you didn't expect it. You're going to drip something right down on your feet. That is exactly why you need a stain-proofing spray.

Benefits of a Stain-Fighting Spray

The main reason for getting a stain-fighting spray is to prolong the life of your canvas shoes. They may not have cost a lot, but that's no reason for them to be disposable after one use. The spray acts as a good preventive, allowing you to give your shoes a quick wipe if they do get dirty. The spray can block stains from getting into the canvas and ruining them. This is a great benefit because you never know what the day will bring.

Things to Consider

The best stain-proofing spray won't discolor your canvas shoes when you apply it. What's the point if it does? Most manufacturers will suggest testing the spray just to be sure. In addition to stains, some may also repel water, which is a great feature. When wet, dirt is more likely to adhere to the canvas and stain if it stays in contact for any period of time. The same principle applies to the ingredients of a spray. An oil-based spray may also attract grime. Your spray should dry completely, ideally within a few minutes. The best stain-proofing stain keeps your shoes clean, while still leaving them breathable.

Buying with Conscience

The savvy shopper may opt for a stain-proofing spray that is earth-friendly. The aerosols in some sprays can contribute to air pollution. Your smart purchase of a non-aerosol spray shows that you make conscious buying decisions with keeping it green in mind. After all, you may find a pump spray easier to use and clean if it becomes clogged. The green choice may also come packaged in recyclable materials to reduce landfill waste. Your spray provides you with many benefits without harming the planet. What can be smarter than that?

Other Options

Another place to look for a stain-proofing spray is an outdoor store. Similar products are available for canvas tents. You can certainly use them on your canvas shoes, providing you take the same precaution about testing for discoloration. You can take a couple of tips from the outdoors. When applying the spray, don't forget to cover the areas where moisture may leak in like the tops of your shoes and near the grommets. Make sure and also spray around the point where the sole meets the canvas. Your attention to detail will keep your shoes looking their best and save you some cash.

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