What Do You Spray Your Hair With Before Putting in Electric Curlers?

Pretreatments protect your hair and lock style into place.

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Transform your locks and change your look in less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom on television. Protect your tresses from the potentially damaging heat and lock the curl into your luscious locks by spraying on the right products before you put your electric rollers in you hair.

Setting Lotion

Set your style before wrapping your locks into electric curlers by spritzing on a spray-formula setting lotion. Modern setting lotions offer subtle fragrances and lightweight formulas that are easy to use and do not weigh your tresses down. Setting lotion helps lock curls into place, ensuring that your style lasts longer while also strengthening your hair with protein, vitamins and other light conditioners. Spray the lotion onto clean, damp hair and comb it through for even coverage.

Thermal Protection

The goal is to look smoking hot without scorching your strands. Using a thermal protection spray prevents electric rollers from damaging your locks with their hair-curling heat, leaving your strands healthy and frizz-free. Heat protectant sprays are widely available everywhere from the drugstore to the salon. Not all formulas are created equal. Some sprays are geared to aid flat irons in creating flat, smooth, straight styles. Choose a spray that offers lightweight protection to avoid weighing your curls down or interfering with the curling process.

Medium-Hold Hairspray

Go ahead and break out the hair spray, ladies. Knock your limp locks to the curb and make your curls last longer by applying a medium-hold hair spray onto each section of hair immediately before placing it into electric rollers. The spray helps your hair hold curls. Once the rollers are cool, take them out and give your curls another misting with the hairs pray to lock in the curls. If you’ve run out of hair spray, use a spray gel in its place.

Other Style Setting Tips

Keep your style fresh while maintaining healthy hair. The intense heat from electric rollers can damage your tresses. Avoid dull, damaged hair and excessive split ends by deeply conditioning your hair once every one to two weeks to restore essential nutrients back into your hair. Another way to maximize your hair's holding power is to use the heat from your blow dryer to apply additional heat after the curlers have cooled. This further sets the curls in place before removing the curlers.

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