How to Spot Fake Gucci Sunglasses

Examine your sunglasses carefully to ensure they are actually Gucci.

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It happens to the best of us -- we find a fierce pair of designer shades that make us look so hot we can't stand it. Even better, these sexy sunglasses happen to be Gucci with a price so low we can't pass it up. But what we don't know -- or want to admit -- is that these shades are as fake as most Hollywood celebrities. Gucci creates banging sunglasses that many manufacturers copy. Shady vendors obtain these cheap wannabes and sell them as the real deal. Don't be fooled by some swindler trying to sell you anything but the best; give those shades a good once over to avoid being scammed.


Examine the hardware on your sunglasses. Think of a pair of Gucci shades as the most demanding diva you could ever know, always wanting the very best. If your pair of sunglasses is decked out with plastic hinges or screws or anything that looks low-end, move on, sister. Gucci glasses wouldn't be caught dead in such cheap material and you are likely looking at a fake. Gucci shades are made from high-quality material that is sleek and sexy.


Look for a warranty card and booklet with your sunglasses. Authentic Gucci shades come with a warranty booklet from the Safilo group, along with a credit card-sized warranty card in an envelope. Ghetto fake Gucci does not come with such documentation and the merchant may try to tell you it was lost or some other lame excuse. Take this as a sign your fabulous sunglasses are impostors and need to be shown the door.


Ask the vendor how much coin these gorgeous Guccis will set you back. If he tells you he'll cut you a deal because you are so fine and will sell them for thirty bucks, run, honey. Gucci shades typically run around two hundred bucks. A vendor willing to let them go for so cheap is obviously selling phonies, no matter how hot you are.


Inspect the glasses. Channel your inner detective and scour the glasses and container in which they arrive for hints they are fake. If you notice the brand is spelled wrong or the phrases "inspired by" or "like," you need to vamoose. These are all clues that your sexy shades are indeed impostors.


Look at the arm of the glasses. Authentic Gucci sunglasses feature the phrase "Made in Italy" on their arms. If your silly spectacles state anything but, take your money and visit a vendor that sells authentic Gucci because these are fake.

Tips & Tricks


Purchase your slammin' shades directly from Gucci to prevent owning phonies.


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