How to Spot a Fake Furla Handbag

Celerie Kemble attends the Furla Flagship Store Opening in NYC.

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Spending every penny in your wallet on a new handbag may sound crazy, but for many women it's their favorite time of the month. If you plan to splurge on a new Furla handbag, you want to make sure you are getting your money's worth and not getting robbed on a cheap imitation. Spotting the fakes is harder than ever, but if you know what to look for, you can start shopping for your Furla knowing you are in the know.


Look for the Furla logo on the handbag. As with most top designer brands, the Furla brand has a recognizable logo, which typically is the word "Furla" written in capital letters in black on a white background. It should be in the signature print lining on the inside of the bag. Don't forget to look for that signature Furla leather label inside the bag, also with the Furla logo. Fakes often have a plated metal label and hardware that chips off easily and, well, is quite disturbing to the quality-seeking lady. If you can scratch it off with a flick of your acrylic nail, it's a no-go. Most Furlas have a back wall zip pocket as well, so check that out. There are often other added signature details, such as oversize brass ball clasps and fringed tassels. It's always about the details, girlie, so get in that bag and don't miss a thing.


Feel the material of the bag and look at it to check the quality. Even if you haven't had your weekly manicure and hand massage, you should still be able to manage. Furla uses only top-quality materials, such as leather, for their handbags, and the leather is always smooth and thick, never shiny or cracked. You can also read the garment label to see what materials were used in the making of the bag, but remember, if it is a fake, you can't always go by the tag alone. The brand is known for its quality leather materials, so skipping this step may mean you realize a week from now when the material starts falling apart that you got robbed, honey.


Consider the price. Furla handbags are not as high-priced as some other top designer brands, such as Chanel and Gucci, with the average Furla bag retailing for around $500 in 2011. Regardless, if you see a bag priced new at $50, you can pretty much bet there's a reason it's so cheap -- you're getting a fake. In the world of handbags, you get what you pay for, so don't convince yourself the shop owner is just in a good mood and offering a great "sale."


Look at the zipper on the bag. Every Furla handbag has a noticeable capital "F" on a tag hanging with the zipper or on the actual zipper itself. If this letter is backwards, in lowercase or missing altogether, it's a fake. You don't think a company would forget to include its own logo on one of its bags, do you? Sorry, time to take your hard-earned cash elsewhere unless you want an imitation of the Furla bag you love.


Look at the stitching on the bag. This is usually one of the most obvious ways to tell a fake, although shoppers often get too excited over the bag itself and forget about details like stitching. You will probably notice on a fake that the stitching is sloppy and has inconsistencies, especially in less visible areas like the bottom of the bag. Designer handbags are constructed with complexity and care, and Furla handbags are typically double-stitched; once by machine and once by hand. Anything less, and you've probably got a fake on your hands. Take a minute to sulk, but then move on so you can spend your money wisely getting yourself a real Furla accessory.

Tips & Tricks


Spend more time learning about the brand and always watch for new additions to the line. This helps you understand more about their design and use of materials. The more you know, the easier it is to spot a fake and before long, you'll be a pro at it. You'll be spotting fakes left, right and center.

Avoid buying from questionable sources, online and offline. You can shop directly through Furla or outlet stores to make sure you're getting the real deal or at least get a list of companies offering authentic Furla handbags. Especially online companies that are newer, just a month or two old, for instance, should be avoided. You're only putting yourself at risk by shopping with a company you know nothing about.


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