How to Spot a Fake Aigner Purse


Nobody wants to proudly tote around a designer handbag just to discover later that the bag is actually a fake. If you're looking to buy an Aigner purse, you'll want to make sure that you're not getting ripped off. Because Aigner bags are popular and have a higher price tag, there are counterfeit versions out there. Learn how to spot a fake so when you carry your bag, you can be sure it's the real deal.


Every Aigner handbag comes with a serial number. Make sure that your handbag has one. If you're still a little wary, call Aigner customer service or visit an Aigner store and have a representative check the number out for you.


Pay attention to the logo. If you're buying a monogrammed bag, it'll have a pattern of horseshoes in pink, blue and tan. If your bag isn't monogrammed look for a clasp. The clasp will be metal, and pointed down. Every clasp has a horseshoe logo on it as well, so make sure to check for this detail. If your bag doesn't have a clasp, check to see if it has a metal tag that has the word "Etienne" engraved on it. Your bag should have at least one of these details. If you can't find any, it's not a legitimate Aigner handbag.


Go to the website and take note of the features of the bag you want to buy. The Aigner website allows you to zoom in on your bag to see its features in more detail. They also provide written detail of each bag. Jot down all of your bag's specific features so you can compare it to the bag you decide to purchase.


If your bag is leather, touch it and see how it feels. Genuine Aigner bags will be made of higher quality leather than fakes. The leather on Aigner bags should feel smooth. Fake bags will have harder, rougher leather.


Pay attention to price. Aigner bags are fairly moderately priced. They retail from about $80 to $200. Still, if you're buying a $200 bag for $20 that should set off a red flag. It's fine to get a good deal, but just be sure to use your common sense.

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The best way to be sure that your bag is real is to buy it directly from the source. Buying bags from online auction sites and other second hand dealers is always going to be more risky.


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