Sporty Women's Hairstyles

Look like a tennis pro --- even if you're not --- with a sporty hairstyle.

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Need a no-fuss style for tonight's big game? Or perhaps you just want to look athletic, even if you throw like a girl and can't hit the ball to save your life. No one will know the difference if you wear a sporty hairstyle that you ripped off of the likes of Anna Kournikova or Danica Patrick. Of course, these styles don't actually have to be practical. You just want to look the part.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova might flaunt silky-straight locks on the red carpet, but she sports beachy waves, ponytails and a visor cap when it comes to whipping it on the tennis court. You don't need the skills of a salon stylist for this one. Slick damp hair back into a ponytail that sits just above the middle back of your head. Run a little mousse through the ponytail and squeeze your hair from the bottom up to create messy waves. Stick the tail through a visor cap so that the ponytail bounces up and down on top of the velcro strap.

Anna Kournikova

You might cuss at Anna Kournikova under your breath for looking like a model while still being so talented, but deep down inside, you know you want to look like her. So don't hate her because you ain't her. Channel her hairstyle instead, and perhaps someone will mistake you for her as you walk down the street. All you need to do is start with the damp, slicked-back Maria Sharapova ponytail. But instead of making waves, form a singular braid from roots to tail, as Anna often does.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick generally wears more hair than clothing in most shots, but it doesn't seem to get in her way when driving on the Nascar speedway. Replicate her style by straightening out any curls or waves with a flat iron. Draw a side part down the right side of your head, just above the arch in your brow. Comb this parted section over to the left. Take your fingers behind your ears and meet them in the center back of your head, gathering the hair above this imaginary line as you go. Secure this section with a small hair claw or elastic ponytail holder. Everything should look supersmooth in this style.

Jamie Sale

Canadian pair skater Jamie Sale wears an almost irritatingly perky style whenever she hits the ice. Depending on your current hair length, you might have to go under the scissors for this one, because her hair just barely reaches the tops of her ultra-toned shoulders. Jamie's style features a side part as scant as her skating outfits, so part your hair close to center on the side of your choice. Straighten your hair with a flat iron if necessary to remove any curls and waves. But when you get to the bottom, turn your hand out to create a flip around the edges. This sporty style looks fabulous by itself, or tucked under a ball cap or visor.

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