How to Spike Hair With Egg White

Eggs are a useful beauty tool -- but take the yolks out first for hair.

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Those eggs in your refrigerator aren't just for baking -- they can be used as an inexpensive last-minute substitute for mousse or gel when styling your hair. Many different celebrities, from Halle Berry to Jamie Lee Curtis, have rocked a spiked hairdo. Egg whites work wonders when spiking hair since they are soft at first, allowing the hair to be styled any way you want, then they harden on the hair to make sure your style stays put.


Crack each of the eggs in half over the mixing bowl, cupping the yolk in the shell and allowing the egg whites to fall into the bowl. Throw away the egg yolks, or save them for another recipe or beauty remedy.


Beat the egg whites with a whisk or an electric mixer until they are thick and frothy. The egg whites should form soft peaks when the whisk is lifted out.


Wash your hair as you normally do and pat it dry with a towel.


Scoop up a dollop of egg whites in your hand and work it through your hair, using your fingers. Start from the roots of the hair and work toward the ends.


Run your fingers through your hair, pulling the spikes into whatever direction you want them to go.


Allow your hair to air dry.

Things You'll Need


1.2 eggs

3.Whisk or electric mixer

2.Mixing bowl



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