What Sort of Hairstyles Should I Try With Short Scarlet Hair?

Try out different styles to show off your short, scarlet-colored hair.

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There's something so romantic and elegant about short scarlet hair. Short hair is chic, and scarlet isn't a hair color you get to see all the time. Together it's a really classic look, and there are lots of different ways to style it. Chicly cropped mops are showing up more often, on everyone from your favorite celebs to the hottest fashion runways. Long locks may have length on their side, but your closely cropped coif can look regal and rockin'.


A sleek straight style always works, and you can leave it plain for a more casual look, or instantly dress it up with a pretty headband or hair clip. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush to smooth it out. Run a flat iron down your locks, curling the hair under at the ends for a classic bob effect. Run some smoothing serum over your strands after straightening to add shine and fight frizz.


Styling your short scarlet hair into tight curls looks nothing less than elegant. Use a smaller-sized curling iron for this, about 1 inch is fine. Work in sections around your head of about the same size, curling each section all the way up to the roots of your hair. Leave the hair in until it feels warm to the touch around the barrel before releasing it and letting it fall loose. Don't forget to be generous with some hairspray after curling so your lovely spirals last.


A flipped-up hairstyle gives you a really retro, vintage-inspired look, like you're channeling pin-up girl style from the '40s. To achieve this look, part a far side part and pull out a section of hair at the side near your part, straighten down it and create a flip with your straightener right at the ends of the hair. Do this around the rest of your hair too. With the last section on the side opposite your part, create a large curl at the roots of your hair before flipping up the ends. Mist your hair with hairspray to finish.

Soft Spikes

If your hair is quite short, pixie-cut length, where you've only got an inch or two of length around your head, you can still style it. Use a bit of hair pomade to work through your locks, focusing the product on top and at the sides. This creates texture in your hair and allows you to mold it how you want. Pull up on random sections around the top of your head to create soft spikes a la Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan style.

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