What Will Soothe Skin Irritation & Redness After Using Nair Hair Remover on the Face?

Chemical depilatories can irritate the skin.

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If you’re like most gals, a stray hair or two sometimes takes up residence on your face. It’s not the most enticing sight, but a quick pluck of the tweezers and the hair quickly becomes a distant memory. When it starts sprouting in droves, however, tweezing is no longer an option, unless, of course, you enjoy pain. To remove unwanted facial hair, many ladies turn to chemical depilatories such as Nair. But even when following the directions exactly, you might experience skin irritation and redness.


Lots of soap and water is probably your best bet to soothe skin irritation, especially right after hair removal. Even the most diligent of washing can leave trace amounts of the chemical on your skin. This can lead to further skin irritation and even minor chemical burns, so suds up and splash your face with cool water.


After rinsing the application site, a little hydrocortisone cream also can help relieve minor skin irritation. Hydrocortisone — like almost any corticosteroid cream — reduces inflammation, which should soothe discomfort and reduce any redness. A lotion at your local pharmacy should do the trick, but make sure to follow the directions on the packaging. Misuse could worsen irritation.


Periodically throughout the day, apply a cold, wet compress to the inflamed areas. This can help further lessen inflammation and is extraordinarily beneficial if the area starts blistering. Plus, the cool moisture will bring an almost immediate relief to your discomfort. Just soak a washcloth in ice-cold water, wring it out and gently press it to your face.


If irritation is accompanied by troublesome itching, calamine lotion may help. It acts as an antipruritic, which is just a fancy term for “anti-itch.” Just apply a thin layer directly to the areas of irritation to quell that itch. An oral antihistamine also may be of benefit.

Oral Medication

When self-care fails to improve skin irritation, contact your doctor. He can prescribe oral corticosteroids that really dampen inflammation and irritation wreaking havoc on your skin. On the other hand, he may prescribe a preparation containing either tacrolimus or pimecrolimus. Both medications are used to treat atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema, but can effectively reduce more severe skin irritation.


Now that you know how to soothe irritation and redness, you can look for those products formulated for facial skin, which can sometimes go a long way to minimize skin irritation and redness. Nair not only makes depilatory creams for the face and upper lip, but also waxing kits.

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