The Best Sole Inserts for Shoes

Give your feet a break with sole inserts.

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If your shoes are cramping your style and having you walk around with the aches and pains, it's time to add a little extra love to their soles. Popping in a few shoe inserts to give your body support, not to mention reduce the wear and tear on your dancing feet, can help you love your favorite pair of stilettos or flats a little longer. Let the experts weigh in on the best sole inserts for your favorite pair of shoes.

Perfect Fit

Navigating the isles of your drugstore for the perfect sole can be a daunting task that's even more difficult when you can't take the insert for a test drive. Podiatrist Vito J. Rizzo suggests finding one that fits your foot in the proper shoe for the activity that you are going to engaged in to maximize support, shock absorption and cushioning. Try bringing along a pair of sneakers, flats and heels to the drug store to make your match for proper support in each type of shoe you have.


Solve common foot health issues such as swelling during travel and post workout and high heels that just don't want to be kind, with the right orthotics that give you support, as well as proper body alignment. Doctor Phil Vasyli a podiatrist in San Francisco, recommends Orthaheel's Active Orthotic's for walking and field sports, Gel heel for dress flats and Extended Slim Fit for high heels. Slip them in to your shoes and take the stress off your feet and your body.


When it comes to getting the right insert for your foot, it's time to discriminate and use insoles designed specifically for women. Podiatric surgeon Dawn Olsen Figlo highly recommends Spenco inserts to her patients to help manage pedal deformities and conditions. Spenco's selections includes specific insoles for women that address the quadriceps angle not normally targeted by insoles designed for men.

Strutz Rx

While It can be extremely confusing for the average person to select the proper insole for their feet, Dr. Robert Conenello believes that the key to relief is to choose a product that offers adequate midfoot support and shock absorption. He suggests the Strutz Rx Sole Angel, a comfortable over-the-foot device that utilizes an elastic band that hugs the foot for total arch support. Able to fit in a variety of shoe types, your feet will thank you for the relief.

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