What Are Solar False Fingernails?

Solar nails can help turn hands from flawed to fabulous.

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For ladies who bite their nails or those who just can't seem to grow long and lovely ones, fake nails are a lifesaver. They can turn a pair of stubby fingers into fabulously coiffed claws. You can transform your hands in the comfort of your own home, or head to a salon and have a professional do it. There are several different types of fake nails available at salons, including gel, acrylic and solar nails. Whether solar nails are right for you depends on what style of fake nail you're looking for and how much of an investment you want to make.

Solar Nails

Unlike acrylic nails, which are an extension, solar false nails are applied directly to your natural nail. They look just like a standard French manicure with a pinkish base and white tip. These chic-looking nails are added to your finger in a two-step process. After you nail technician buffs and cleans your nails, she'll brush on the white part of the solar false nail. The acrylic pink part of the nail is applied next. A little light buffing and, voila! You have a hand full of pretty, pink manicured nails.


The upside to solar false nails is that they only need to be refilled and not replaced completely like regular acrylic nails. They typically last for three weeks and are known for not chipping or turning yellow. This means you're spending less money on your artificial nails, which is great in a tough economy when beauty extras can really break the bank. Solar false nails help strengthen your natural nails. This is great for gals whose natural nails are prone to breakage.


For every upside there is a downside. Solar false nails are meant to be worn without paint. That said, if you're a gal who loves to rock a bright red or pretty purple nail, this probably isn't the best choice for you. Women with acrylic allergies should also avoid solar nails -- no amount of beauty is worth suffering a reaction. Solar nails are more expensive than acrylic nails even though they last longer. That said, make sure that the bottle your salon professional is using says solar nails. You don't want to end up with regular acrylic nails for the more expensive price.

Other Options

If solar false nails aren't for you, other options are available. Acrylic nails are cheaper than solar false nails. Acrylic nails are an extension of your natural nail and applied in a two-part process, which includes a liquid and then a powder layer. They can be glittery, colored or natural looking. Gel nails are another viable option. Made from gel acrylic, these nails are painted on and then cured under a UV light. They also can come in a bevy of colors. Gals who want a quick nail fix should try press-on nails. These nails can be purchased at the drugstore and applied at home.

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