How to Soften a Stiff Leather Jacket

Wear your stiff leather jacket to soften it up.

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Leather jackets are a timeless classic that you can wear year-round. A leather jacket keeps you warm in the winter, and looking chic when you pair it with some shades in the summer. Leather that's soft and buttery feels luxurious and makes you feel pampered too. Brand-new leather jackets, as well as those on the vintage side, may feel hard and stiff from time to time. Softening up the grain is in order. Then you can get back to looking hot, as always.


Wear your leather jacket as much as humanly possible to get the fabric to soften. Ever had a pair of leather shoes you needed to break in? It's the same concept. As you wear the jacket and move around in it, the stiffness should dissipate.


Hang your leather jacket in the bathroom while you shower before going out for the evening. Generally speaking, you don't want to store you leather products in a humid place because they can grow mold and mildew. But if you're heading right out into the cool air, no harm done to soften up the grain a little before wearing the coat. Just remember to store the jacket permanently in a cool, dry closet.


Soften stiff leather areas of an older jacket with a wax-based leather treatment product, usually available at shoe stores. Leather is leather, whether it's made into a coat, a shoe or a couch. When the leather ages, it can crack and become stiff. Dab some of the waxy stuff onto your jacket and rub it in with a soft, white cloth. Both the ingredients in the product and the manipulation will help the softening process along.

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3.Soft cloth

2.Leather treatment


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Dousing your leather jacket with water or rubbing alcohol is not the way to soften the stiffness. You risk discoloration of the grain, weakening of the leather and introducing mildew to your coat from the dampness. No thanks.


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