How to Soften Stiff Hair

Soothing stressed locks with moisture can make hair softer.

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When your hair gets so damaged that it feels stiff and coarse, you can't get back to soft overnight. To enjoy healthy hair again, figure out what's bugging your mane and nurture it with mega moisture. Habits that can lead to coarse, stiff hair include overprocessing, too-frequent hair dyeing, styling products that contain silicone, too much sun or wind, and too much time in ocean or chlorine water. Cut down your exposure to these things and climb your way back to hair health and silky strands.


Turn down the temperature to stress your mane less. Take showers with cooler water, and turn the heat of your blow-dryer, flat iron or curling iron down a notch. This won't make your hair softer, but it will prevent you from further damaging your hair.


Nurture your locks with a deep conditioning treatment that contains protein-building compounds. Apply the treatment, leave it on for the recommended time and rinse your locks.


Switch your everyday shampoo and conditioner to products that are marked as moisturizing or moisture-boosting. Avoid heavier shampoos like clarifying shampoos, which strip oils from your mane. Right now you need to nurture to get your hair healthy and soft.


Apply a weekly hair mask to soften up your hair texture. Make your own mask or look for a product that contains avocado, banana, olive oil or other nurturing, all-natural products.


Brush your mane daily to stimulate the scalp and distribute oils from the roots of your hair to the stiffer ends.

Things You'll Need


1.Deep conditioning treatment

3.Hair mask

2.Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

4.Bristle brush


Tips & Tricks


Cover up with a chic hat when you go out in the sun to protect your mane.


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