How to Soften Leather Loafers


Those new leather loafers feel like mini-torture devices strapped to your feet as they refuse to bend to your knock-em-dead strut. Your kickers need some quality time to soften the new leather, making it supple enough to walk comfortably. Dried out leather may stiffen and result in a hobble-like gait if not conditioned on a regular basis. Stop the robot walk from stiff leather loafers with conditioning products and techniques.


Place 1 tbsp. saddle soap or petroleum jelly onto a clean cloth. Stick your hand into one loafer and hold it upright.


Apply the soap or jelly to the leather loafer using small circular motions and using medium force. Dig deep under any designs on top of the leather shoe with the cloth. The saddle soap or petroleum jelly relaxes leather and adds suppleness to the material. Repeat the slathering process on the other shoe. Let the soap or jelly sink into the shoes for 20 minutes.


Wipe excess jelly or soap from the loafers by buffing it with a clean cloth. Use rotating motions as you buff the shoes, creating a shine to the loafers.


Spray a waterproof leather conditioner over the loafers and let it absorb into the shoes for 10 minutes. Wipe off any remaining residue with a clean cloth. The waterproof conditioner stops liquid from penetrating the shoe and locks in moisture from the conditioning.

Things You'll Need


1.Saddle soap or petroleum jelly

3.Waterproof leather conditioner



Tips & Tricks


Condition leather loafers once a month to keep the leather supple and soft.

Dry the leather shoes quickly if they become wet.


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