How to Do a Sock Bun With Long Hair


Whoever said that you’re only supposed to wear socks on your feet was dead wrong. Socks can be used as a stuffing to create sophisticated-looking buns without much effort. A sock bun is relatively easy to make, but for long-haired women, you’ll need a large sock to accommodate the length of your locks. So scourer through your roommate's drawer and snatch up one of his mismatched tube socks.


Grab your tube sock and cut off the toe area. Roll the sock toward the opposite end to form the shape of a doughnut. You should be able to put your hand through the sock like a bracelet. Set the sock aside.


Grab your styling gel and head to a mirror. Apply the gel around your hairline (optional) and start to brush your hair back or up into a sleek ponytail.


Grab a large ponytail holder or rubber band and secure your ponytail in place. Use your hands to smooth down any stray hairs.


Grab your sock bun and insert your ponytail through the sock hole about a third of the way up your ponytail. Fan out the tip of your ponytail and wrap the ends of your hair around the sock.


Place one hand on either side of the sock with your index and middle fingers in the middle of the bun and start to roll the sock backwards toward the top of the ponytail. You will notice your hair starting to form a large bun.


Spray the bun with hairspray and smooth down any stray hairs once you reach the top of your ponytail. Pin down the outer edges of the bun with hairpins to secure it in place.

Things You'll Need


1.Large tube sock

3.Styling gel



4.Elastic ponytail holder



Tips & Tricks


Wrap your hair with a satin or silk scarf at night to maintain your bun overnight.


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