The Best-Smelling Chocolate Lotions

Smear chocolate over your body for a sweet sensation.

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When you slather your body with chocolate-smelling lotion, you’ll give everyone around you a reason to just want to eat you up with their love and attention. But you’ve got to love the smell and the feel of the moisturizer as well. While applying your chocolate lotion, just listen to your senses. If you feel like a giant candy bar, maybe you should shelve that lotion. If you look great and enjoy taking deep sniffs of the stuff, you may have a winner. If your dry skin disappears afterwards, you have found the perfect combination.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Available at your local big box store and in most every pharmacy, Palmer’s is one of those mainstays that continues to keep dry skin at bay. The cocoa butter formula is as chocolate-smelling as it’s ever been, according to Glamour magazine editor Beth Shapouri, who says it makes her feel like a giant Tootsie Roll. Since the early 1960s, Palmer’s has been creating lotions that have stood the test of time, and garnering generational recommendations. If your mother used it, then it must be good enough for you, right? To keep up with trends, the company continues to repackage and rename its cocoa butter formulas. In 2012 Palmer's came out with a Skin Therapy Oil that really kept the scaly winter blah skin away, according to editor Shapouri.

Karin Herzog Choco2

Karin Herzog makes a pricey face lotion that’s actually made with Swiss chocolate. Stylist Karen Marie Shelton at Hair Boutique in Richardson, Texas, says her facialist loves the product and surprised her with a complementary facial to show off the product. The lotion impressed Shelton so much that she’s since refused any other complementary facials -- she’s stuck on the Karin Herzog line for the way it moisturizes so smoothly and evens out her skin tones; the smell is just an added bonus for her. The aroma disperses once it hits your skin so that it’s just barely there. Celebrities known to use the Karin Herzog chocolate lotions include Sheryl Crowe, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

Diana B. 60 Second Miracle Tan Self-Tanner

It’s both a moisturizing lotion and self-tanner. According to Kate Sandoval, an editor at O magazine, the Diana B. 60 Second Miracle Tan Self-Tanner gave her all she needed to land gleamingly tanned and smooth on the beach. Putting the self-tanning lotion on in the shower makes the moisturizing self-tanning lotion an easy application, and the chocolate scent makes the whole experience even better. Sandoval said she felt like she was pouring chocolate syrup all over her body. While the lotion worked well to give her color and moisture, it did discolor her white towel and shower curtain, so dry off with a dark towel or ,better yet, use a throw-away.


Haken makes a line of chocolate beauty products that are a favorite for Christine Hinds, stylist and owner of Summa Nails in Bridgetown, Barbados. Hinds especially likes to offer a chocolate mint pedicure, complete with the Haken chocolate mint foot massage lotion, as a Valentine’s Day special for her customers. By slathering up with your guy’s favorite mouth-watering scents on the day set aside for lovers, you can earn extra points in the sensuality department and make yourself smell good enough to eat, with chocolate minty toes. The chocolate lotions made by Haken aren’t brown like the creamy treat, so the Barbados stylist told Nails magazine she likes to color it with real cocoa powder so her clients get the full sensory experience.

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