How to Get the Smell of Fingernail Polish Remover Off Your Hands


Unless you like the look of old chipped nail polish on your fingertips, fingernail polish remover is a necessity. As effective as it is for scrubbing off that fiery red polish, it can also leave behind the very strong and off-putting scent of acetone. Remover also sometimes contains a substance called toluene that is used in some types of fuels. If you've just buffed off the polish and need to get on the road soon, make sure you complete a few steps to ensure that you get the smell of the polish remover off your hands first.


Wash your hands for 30 seconds with mild or anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Use your fingernails to lightly scratch at the insides of your palms as you lather up and also to pick out any nail polish remover residue from underneath your nails.


Pat your hands dry with a hand towel after washing. While your hands are still slightly damp, rub the scented hand lotion into your hands, in between your fingers and also on top of each fingernail. If possible, use a shea butter or cocoa butter variety because these have a natural odor and also help keep your hands moisturized.


Allow the lotion time to dry and voila --- that annoying fingernail polish remover smell is history.

Things You'll Need


1.Mild soap

3.Scented hand lotion

2.Hand towel


Tips & Tricks


To avoid persistent problems with polish remover smells, use a cotton ball to apply fingernail polish remover directly to each nail instead of sticking your entire finger into a polish remover jar.


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