What Skin Tones Look Good With Light Ash-Brown Hair?

Leigton Meester's fair skin is the perfect match for light ash-brown hair hues.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a color-conscious lady, you know that you should change the hue of your hair only if the new color complements your skin. Just like other hair colors, light ash-brown has undertones that look good only with a compatible skin color. So take the time to do a little detective work and figure out your skin tone. Once you know if your skin tone and light ash-brown mesh well, you'll be good to go.

Discover Your Skin Tone

If you're in the dark about what tone your skin has, try this quick trick: Stand in natural light. Eyeball the veins on the inside of your forearm. If the veins are blue, you have cool-toned skin. If the veins are green, your skin has a warm glow. Ash tones and cool skin colors are a perfect match. So feel free to make a color change.

Porcelain Skin Tone

If your skin is ultralight -- almost see-through -- with blue undertones, you're a porcelain-skinned goddess. Porcelain skin is the lightest of cool skin tones. Asian and very light-skinned Caucasian women often have porcelain skin. Think Nicole Kidman. Ladies who have alabaster skin look divine with light ash-brown hair.

Fair Skin Tone

Fair skin is a little bit darker than porcelain skin. Yet, this color of skin is still quite white, so it falls in the cool category. Again, Asian and Caucasian women often sport fair skin. A celebrity example is the lovely fair-skinned Michelle Williams. Also, mixed-race women can have fair skin. Fair skin and light ash-brown hair are a perfect pair.

Dark Skin Tone

Never fear, ladies who have dark skin with blue undertones: You can also sport light ash-brown hair. Look at your skin in natural light. If it's very dark or has a gray tinge to it, your skin is cool-toned. Even though your skin is dark, the cool undertones will shine through and marry well with the ash tones.

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