What Skin Tone Can Wear a Champagne Blond Hair Color?

Sexy, glamorous champagne blond can work for you.

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Champagne hair just sounds so decadent. How could you not want to try it out? It's the color of glamor and fun. Make sure your final results are more "private limousine" and less "80s hair band" by checking the color against your skin tone. Some tones match better than others, but there's still a way to get a shimmery, flashy blond in your mane.


Your skin tone is either warm or cool and determines what hair colors look good on you. If you're not sure which skin you have, check out the veins below the palms in your wrists. If the veins are bluish, you're cool-toned. If the veins are greenish, you're warm-toned.


Champagne blond is traditionally a cool-toned hair color. It looks best on women with blue or gray eyes and fair or lightly tanned skin. If champagne is a bit too pale for your natural skin tone, you can try a shade that incorporates lots of ash highlights, too. Ash blond is a muted, pale brownish-blond that helps blend the sparkle of champagne blond.


Warm-toned women need not fret. Pure champagne blond isn't exactly the right shade for your whole head, but you can still get the bubbly, golden shimmer. Try super-skinny highlights against a backdrop of warm butterscotch tresses. Go light -- no more than just a few strands max. If you have to strip the color out of your hair to get down to champagne, you might look better in a darker, richer color.


Highlights are probably the best way to work champagne blond for most women. Unless you are really fair-skinned, you risk looking a little washed-out or unnatural with such a delicate hair color. Highlights let you weave the brightness you crave into key spots like the temples and crown.


Frosting is a total throwback that you can make happen again. This technique looks good on pixie cuts and punkish street styles with choppy or razored edges. Dip just the ends of your hair in champagne blond. If you're daring enough, this is a great way to wear the color even if you're really tan or have a little warmth to your skin. If you're obviously stylized, no one expects it to be natural.

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