How to Do a Silk Wrap on an African-American's Hair

Wrapping your hair at night can keep your hair soft.

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Brittle, dry and prone to breakage -- when you have African-American hair, these issues can be a way of life. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love heat styling, such as pressing, that can make your hair shiny and smooth. To combat the damage that can occur, you can silk wrap your hair, which makes your hair silkier without adding direct, damaging heat.

When to Apply

Silk wraps are best applied about a week after you’ve had your hair straightened because they act like a pick-me-up for your hair to make it smoother. You’ll always want to apply the wraps to dry hair. After you’ve done a roller set or straightened your hair if you have natural hair, you’re ready to apply your silk wrap.


One of the reasons a silk wrap works so well to get your hair in great condition is that you apply a moisturizing serum or cream to your hair before you wrap it. Use a dime-size amount of moisturizing cream -- it doesn’t have to be too heavy, just something lighter -- and apply to your hair and comb through to ensure even coverage. As you comb your hair through, try to brush it around your head as well as you can without adding pins, which can crease your hair. Before applying your wrap, apply an oil sheen spray.

Wrap It

Cling wrap has more uses than keeping your foods fresh. You also can use it to wrap your hair, working to cover your hair from the top of your head all the way around. If you have access to a salon hair dryer, sit under it to deliver moderate to high heat for 10 to 20 minutes. After you’re done, you can remove the cling wrap and comb your hair out. Your hair should look smoother and silkier.

Silk Scarf Wrap

If you toss and turn every night when you sleep, you could be getting more than z's: You may run the risk of making your hair matted and increasing breakage. In addition to silk wrapping your hair as a weekly treatment, you also can silk wrap your hair every night. By wrapping a silk scarf around your hair, you can protect your hair from damage while you sleep -- for extra bonus hair protection points, sleep on a silk pillowcase. If you like, you also can apply a conditioning cream to your hair before you wrap it to infuse moisture in.

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