How to Shrink a T-Shirt That Is Too Large

Shrink your T-shirt in the wash if you find yourself swimming in it.

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So you ordered your new Black Eyed Peas T-shirt online and -- whoops! It's way too big. So, if you don't see yourself wading around in a shirt that's longer than most of your dresses, get your shrink on. Most of the time, shrinking clothing in the wash is a no-no -- skinny jeans, anyone? -- but in the case of an oversized cotton T-shirt, it's a good option if you ever want to wear it in public. Do everything your momma told you not to do when doing the laundry to slim down that tee and make it wearable.


Keep those colors bright and shiny! One of the biggest boo-boos people tend to make when trying to shrink shirts is that they don't use non-fade laundry detergent. This stuff will keep colors looking bright while washing at the same time.


Put the T-shirt in the washing machine on the hot-hot-hottest setting possible. Hot water will shrink fabrics like cotton, wool and rayon, so using this setting is your best bet to making that shirt fit.


Dump some detergent into the washing machine and let the machine do its magic. Don't forget that special detergent; hot water will suck the color right out of your new tee.


Throw the T-shirt into the dryer on the high-heat setting until the shirt is dry. Check out the shrinkage factor. If you want the shirt to be even smaller, throw it in the dryer for another 20 minutes or so. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 until the shirt is the size you want.

Things You'll Need


1.Non-fade laundry detergent


Tips & Tricks


Keep this in mind: this is not, by any means, a foolproof method of getting a huge T-shirt to conform perfectly to your body. Although this will shrink your T-shirt, you might not get it as small as you want, especially if you're trying to go from extra-extra-large to extra-small.

Shirts that are made out of 100 percent cotton are the ones that will shrink the best. If you've got a poly-blend shirt, chances are you're not going to get the results you want. Polyester is known for its non-shrinkability.


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