How to Shrink a Huge Pimple Overnight

Remove makeup and wash your face each night to prevent pimples.

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Mega-zits have the worst habit of popping up right before that presentation, job interview or really important date. If you need emergency help, you can shrink pimples overnight. Shrinkage varies depending on how big the zit is and how exposed or erupted it is when you begin treatment. Cover up with concealer in the morning if you're still worried about the spot. Combine emergency zit-zapping treatments with a regular skin care routine to keep yourself looking fresh.


Cover up pimples with an overnight acne treatment designed to shrink them while you sleep. Apply the product per manufacturer's directions. In the morning, your spots will be smaller and you'll be much closer to healing.


Cover the spot with tea tree oil before you to go bed. This acne buster will shrink your zit in the morning. Dermatologists Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan note in "ELLEgirl" that tea tree oil can irritate some skin and that concentrations vary by the manufacturer.


Dab toothpaste on the area if you're in a pinch or traveling. This dries out the zit for major a.m. reduction, but can be messy if you toss and turn in your sleep.

Things You'll Need


1.Overnight acne treatment


2.Tea tree oil


Tips & Tricks


Use a cotton swab when applying overnight acne treatments so you cover only the spot in question.


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